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    Ray Traced 3D Displays Only Bounding Box


      Hi everyone, first timer here. After going through all the 5070 drama this problem still exists. Any 3D layer be it text or shape layer shows as a bounding box only (see below). There is no difference when I add any kind of light. CPU mode works fine albeit slow. I have reinstalled AFX twice and tried various different drivers only to end up with the same result. Layers do, however show in Fast Draft but I am still unable to render using the GPU. Can anyone please help?

      Thank you in advance:


      After Effects:

      OSX 10.8.3


      Fast Draft:Available
      Texture Memory:256.00 MB




      Vendor:ATI Technologies Inc.
      Device:ATI Radeon HD 4870 OpenGL Engine
      Version:2.1 ATI-8.10.44
      Total Memory:512.00 MB
      Shader Model:-


      Driver Version:5.0
      Devices:1 (Quadro 4000)
      Current Usable Memory:1.96 GB (at application launch)
      Maximum Usable Memory:2.00 GB