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    sesConverter with extension throws coldfusion.runtime.TemplateNotFoundException

    aw2009 Level 1



      i change my CF application from CF9 to CF10 and have some trouble with my SES URLs now.


      I use the (SES) Converter (http://developer.fusium.com/tools/ses.cfm) CustomTag to get Search Engine URLS. With Cold Fusion 9 both ways are working correctly if the command


      <CF_sesConverter SESrBaseName="baseHREF" SESdummyExtension=".cfm">


      is set up correctly at the application.cfm:





      Now with CF 10 only one way works correctly:




      When we try to get the page with the extension .cfm:




      we get the error "coldfusion.runtime.TemplateNotFoundException". I don't understand why CF10 check if the file exist at this point. The CustomTag CF_sesConverter is never called. Cf check first if the page exist. What I'm missing here? Is there any setting that I forget?


      Thanks for any suggestion,