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    Slow saving with linked icml story


      I'm having trouble with InDesign taking a long time save (more than a minute) when there is a linked icml story to the document. The problem isn't a network connection: I tried moving the files to my desktop and saving.


      The icml file is about 877kb. The InDesign file is 7.6mb. Essentially it's a simple non-fiction book, no images, no linked files (except for the icml), no hyperlinks, just text. There shouldn't be a problem with my machine either. I'm on an iMac, 3.4ghz Core i7, 8gb ram, on mountain lion. When saving, activity monitor shows 100% cpu usage with widely spaced sharp spikes in disk activity.


      When I unlink the icml file, InDesign will save in about a second.


      Thanks for any help!