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    Flash builder 4.7 not treating External linkage correctly



      I am refactoring the project I am working to external link assets(flash assets), so I can load them on runtime.


      This works in Flash builder 4.6 and you can observe a smaller .swf than if they are merged into code.

      In FB 4.7 However it seems to ignore external linkage resulting in same size .swf as merged into code setting and I can run it fine without loading any external swf.


      This seems to be yet another bug in FB 4.7 or its compiler, unless I am missing something.



      I am building the project with -frame parameter which seems to be the way to use a preloader with the new compiler:

      see this post http://forums.adobe.com/message/4695625


      The preloader is on frame 1, splash screens on frame 2 and 3 and rest of the project on frame 4.


      Is this a known bug by any chance & or are there any ways around it.

      I am using Asc2.0 Version 2.0.0 build 353448