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    CRXDE through the dispatcher

    sboyleuf Level 1

      Is there a way to have CRXDE work through the dispatcher?  We are using a dispatcher in front of our Authoring development instance and we are not able to connect to it (With CRXDE) through the DNS name.  The only way we can connect with CRXDE is by going directly to the authoring instance.   We are hosting our instances on Amazon EC2 so these are all outside our corporate network.Normally this wouldn't be an issue except our company's LAN blocks the CQ5 ports for anything externally so it limits my team's ability to develop and make changes with anything besides CRXDELite when in the office.


      I removed all filters for restricting access to the system folders and it did not allow me to connect.  We are using CRXDE 1.0.1 and CQ5.5 servicepack2.1 and having the missing CRXDE libraries package installed.