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    Premiere Pro to AE link: subclips not exporting correctly


      I wonder if anyone has seen this before:

      I basically used Prelude to organize a few clips that I shot on my GH2 and marked what's usuable out of each file using the subclip marker. I then exported these objects to Premiere Pro and I started to use them for my edit. Some of the clips had some chroma noise issues so I wanted to send them to AE so I can use Dark Energy to remove some of that noise. Instead of what I usually do which is to export the individual clips as raw or some lossless intermediate format I decided to use the "replace with after effects composion" to send a whole bunch of clips together. Everything works fine, AE pulls in the correct file and creates a sub-comp for each individual clip from the selected clips in PPro, the problem is when it layers them in the linked composition each layer has a duration of 1 frame!! I tried doing this with 1 clip and I have the exact same issue: the clips is converted into a sub-comp, the subcomp is put as a layer in main linked comp but the layer is 1 frame long.


      Am I doing something wrong??