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    Display List Tree

    thx1138 Level 1

      Is it possible to create a display list tree view in Scout? There is sortof one that is in DisplayList Rendering panel sometimes nested below "Rendering dirty regions". I was thinking it would start at the Stage object and you could step into the display list.

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          The DisplayList Rendering panel only shows you the parts of the display list that get redrawn in that rendering pass.


          What you're asking for is a view of the entire display list - that's an interesting idea, and we'll consider it, although if you're concerned about performance, items on the display list that take negligible time to draw shouldn't bother you.


          If you're concerned about the memory used by the display list, there will soon be new memory features in Scout, that will help you figure out which objects are in memory.