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    Online and PDF form responses in one view?


      I though that when I created an online form and saved a copy as a PDF it was possible to view all responses together (ie., in one View sheet).  In fact I thought I successfuly did so when learning how to use FormsCentral.  Now there are 2 separate view sheets, one for the online form and one for the PDF form.


      Did I dream this or is my natural stupidity at work again?


      Further info -- the specific form(s) are for a golf tournament and the onine form is integrated into PayPal Payments, which is refelected on the form.  After creating the PDF version I downloaded it and opened it in Acrobat X Pro to change the instructions so users can submit the form data then print the form and mail it with their checks to our organization. I uploaded it to our website and tested it and it works but submissions are sent to another view sheet.


      Any clue about what I'm not doing right?





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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Hi Robert,


          What do you mean by "anther view sheet"? Do you mean another form in your organizer? Or another sheet in the same form "View Responses" Tab?


          If you share the form with me (glaroche@adobe.com) I might be able to help you more.


          The submission from the HTML form or the PDF form are submitted to the same response table.

          They should not come into two different sheets unless they are two different forms in FormsCentral.


          Instruction on how to share : http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462



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            rfcno55 Level 1



            Thanks for your quick response.  I just shared the "registration" View Responses tab with you and while I was at it saved/downloaded another submission-enabled PDF, then used that PDF and submitted it and the data did go into the View Responses tab.


            So I think I'm asking the wrong question...  because the downloaded PDF form has instructions for paying via PayPal, which obviously don't apply, I've been editing the downloaded form to instruct users to SUBMIT, then print the form and mail it and their check to our mailing address. 


            I could add both sets of instructions to the online form before saving it as a PDF but that seems potentially confusing to users. 


            I'm a newbie to both FormsCentral and Acrobat Pro... in case that's not quite obvious.





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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              Hi Robert,


              I does look like you were using two different forms in FormsCentral. Grad that you figured out how to create a fillable PDF from which will gather data in the same response table as your HTML form.


              As for you question about having different "PayPal Instruction" depending on the format (HTML or PDF). We do not surrent support show/hiding elements conditionaly to the form format BUT if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro you can make the changes in your PDF manually to show the right instructions. The problem with this solution is that you will need to change the PDF every time your change the HTML form in FormsCentral but if your form is pretty much set then that is fairly easy to achieve.


              If you need help using the Acrobat Content Editing Tools to change the Instruction text in your form let me know and I can help.


              I can email you an example if you send me an email (glaroche@adobe.com)