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    .chm TOC using variables - print SSL does not recognize anything after the variable

    eeddings Level 1

      Here's an interesting thing I stumbled upon today.  I think this may be a bug in RH 10.


      I create .chm TOCs using variables.  For TOC page entries, any content before the variable in the TOC entry converts to the print TOC without problem.  But, any content after the variable is ignored.  This is only an issue with pages in the TOC.  Books are fine.


      For example:


      TOC Book:


      "Clinic - {variable} {variable}"


      This translates fine to the print TOC in a printed documentation SSL.


      TOC Page:

      "Clinic - {variable} {variable}"


      Aside from the link in the TOC page, the code for the TOC book and the TOC page looks identical.  But, for some reason, anything after the *first* variable in the TOC page is ignored in the print TOC for the printed documentation SSL.  It doesn't matter if it is another variable or straight text.



      In the picture above, both the "Clinic - Participant List screen" TOC book and TOC page on the left contain two variables:


      "Clinic - {variable} {variable}"


      On the right "Clinic - Participant List" page, the "screen" variable is ignored and removed on the TOC page only when the chapter layout is created for the print SSL.  RH will remove anything after the first variable in the TOC page, regardless of whether it is a variable or straight text.  RH does not remove antything from a TOC book when the chapter layour is created for print (visible in the image above).


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