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    How do I add up the total time in the views

    thx1138 Level 1

      In the following view it reports that I spent 189 ms in Rendering dirty regions. When I expand out the activity it doesn't add up to that value. I'm counting 82?


      Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 15.10.33 PM.png

      Also, is it possible to see / find what objects are connect to the FTE text and what images are being decompressed? Maybe I can find it in another view? My Display List Rendering is showing some 1000 objects. : P

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          Right click on the header of the table, and turn on the "self time" column. You'll see that the time not attributed to the children is accounted for by the self time of the parent. Andy Hall wrote a great blog post explaining this:




          If you turn on DisplayList Rendering Details in the settings for new sessions, you'll be able to see the individual objects in the DisplayList Rendering panel (your swf must be opted-in for advanced telemetry).


          The next release of Scout will have some search features that'll make it easier to find specific text in Scout across the different panels, so that should help you!