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    Problem printing after using profiles and calibrating monitor

    LouNettel Level 1

      I'm really frustrated. I'm printing notecards on Moab Entrada 190 wt. bright white paper. I've calibrated the monitor with a Color Munki and downloaded the paper profiles for the Epson 220. When I first printed it came out dark. Then I decided to update the printer driver and print again...no change. Then I added an adjustment layer to brighten the image and print. Two problems came about: the colors all of a sudden had a lavender tint in the grays and the image was smaller.
      Then, I removed the adjustment layer and the size returned to normal, the darkened image returned and the color shift was gone. How can I get it to print what I see on the monitor, so that it isn't dark? Also, I printed the image in Windows Picture Viewer and it came out fine as I saw it on the monitor!!