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    Is there a way to mark events in ActionScript for Scout?

    thx1138 Level 1

      Is there a way to send a message to Scout in my swf to mark a point where I can later find easily in Scout? For example, there are 4 or 5 different events I'm profiling but they do not begin until much later. My timeline that runs across the top of Scout is very long.


      What would be ideal is to mark places in my code like this:



      import flash.performance.Scout;


      Scout.start("Welcome screen");

      // actionscript code


      Then in Scout I can do a search for "Welcome screen" and it would take me to that frame.


      There are also ranges that I'd like to profile like this:


      import flash.performance.Scout;


      Scout.start("Intro animation");

      // actionscript code

      Scout.end("Intro animation");


      or maybe,


      var object:Object = Scout.start("Intro animation");

      // actionscript code



      I could go into Scout and do a search for this key word and then select that range.


      I don't know how to architect it. But with the second example I would have to keep a reference to that object around and the end of performance test may be in another class or another swf but some where else.