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    adobe connect plans

    napo herrera

      hi, I'm new here and I have the following doubts if I could support greatly appreciate it, my questions are on Adobe Connect


      1. with the plan of $ 55 a month, I have to limit the bandwidth?

      2. if you need more users connected to the 25 that would cost?.

      3. would have to pay additional something in addition to the $ 55?

      4. I can associate adobe connect in moodle?

      5. have 2 host can use the total support in a single transmission at a meeting hence 50

      6. I need most, after having a host Adobe Connect, I need to install something extra?



      I ask this because the plan is not detailed much




      Thank you.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          1. No there is no bandwidth limit.

          2. I don't believe there is a method of increasing the concurrent user limit through the monthly plan.

          3. No, just the $55/month.

          4. Not sure if there is a method to integrated the monthly plan with Moodle.

          5. No, you can have two hosts running rooms that can hold up to 25 people each, so the 50 individuals would be an aggregate number between the two rooms. Also, keep in mind that the Host counts as one of the 25.

          6. If you intended to share your screen, you would need to install the add-in. You should only need to do it once (until a newer version is released) and you should be prompted to do so the first time you join the room as a Host. If you wish to install it a head of time, you can do so here: http://www.adobe.com/support/connect/downloads-updates.html#meeting-add-ins


          Further detail on the monthly option can be found here: https://service.acrobat.com/cfusion/bots/purchase/index.cfm?sku=38045444&event=showDetailS ervicePlan


          If you are interested in an annual plan with more flexibility, feel free to PM me or contact me off forum: jorma[at]realeyesconnect.com

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            napo herrera Level 1

            thanks for the info, I'm trying to install the module in moodle adobe connection with this error but I could support me?

            Invalid field definition in table {adobeconnect_meeting_groups}: XMLDB_TYPE_INTEGER field "groupid" has invalid length

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              napo herrera Level 1

              Hello, I would like to know if there any plans to have a maximum of 50 people connected and that cost is, if I can report as soon as possible thank you for your support.

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                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                I will reach out off forum to cover the options that are out there outside of the monthly account from Adobe.com.

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                  napo herrera Level 1

                  sorry did not understand, just let me know where I can report to the Adobe Connect room, allow a minimum of 50 users at the same time, thanks

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                    flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    There is no method of putting an attendance cap on the rooms, other than the licensing for the account. So if you have the abilities to have more than 50 attendees in a room, then every room will conform to that.


                    If you have a Concurrent User license, then the limit on the individual rooms is in reference to the pool of available concurrent attendees available. So if you have 100 Concurrent user licenses (to keep the numbers simple), then you could have two sessions with 50 attendees at the same time. However if the first meeting started and had 60 attendees, then the second meeting would only have 40 seats left available. There is no method of limiting how many licenses each room has access to.