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    Critique Form

    Tom Haibeck

      I want to create a "critique" form that I can fill out to provide feedback to my clients about their websites. So instead of "gathering" data via a form, I would actually be using a templated critique form that I could fill out and pass on to my clients. Is that possible? And how can it be shared? Thanks for any help!

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee


          This is not something we currently support but you can add or vote on feature ideas:


          If you need to add a new idea click "Create an idea" under "Actions" in the top right.


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            Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

            One thing you can do is create a PDF form From FormsCentral. Save that PDF on your machine as your template. When you are ready to send feedback fill-out the form and send then filled PDF to your clients via email or print it and send it vial regular mail.


            You can even submit the data in your PDF to yourself to keep an easy copy of all your submission in FormsCentral


            Hope this help


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              Tom Haibeck Level 1

              Thanks Gen. That option might work.


              But I still have a couple of other design issues to resolve that I hope you might be able to help me with. Please take a look at the link below to view the "form in progress" ...


              Couple of questions:


              1) Is it possible to edit the logo image ("The Haibeck Group") to make it smaller?


              2) Is it possible to add or better format a "comment box" that I could include with each section of the critique? I have tried using the "Multi-line Text Field" but that's not very well suited for providing long, detailed comments (scrolling through that narrow text box isn't very user-friendly). I've also tried using the "Formatted Text" option but that doesn't seem to work either. It would be much preferred to be able to add a "wide" comment box capable of holding ten or more lines of text that can be read without having to scroll (similar to what I'm typing in right now). Surely that must be possible .... ?




              Thanks again for your help. Cheers, Tom

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                You can easily resize your image by dragging the bottom right corner of the image.

                Same goes for the Multi-line Text Field. You can make it bigger by dragging the bottom right corner.




                Let me know if this helps.