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    FlashPlayer can't install


        My IE9 showed me a message saying that I had to dwnload FlashPlayer 11.6 to play something that was onFaceBook.  I checked and saw that it was already installed .  The one that came with CHROME works, but that's separate from IE9.

        I uninstalled the FP11.6 and began to install it again.  When it began installing a message came up that I had to turn off IE9, so I turned off IE9.  The installer could not see that IE9 was turned off and so the installation of Flash Player 11.6 was stopped at 50%.  The installer was not able to sense that I had turned off the IE9.  I do not know how else to turn off my IE9 than to click on the X. Can you tell me what else I should do to re-install the FlashPlayer 11.6.    Can you help me?


      Thank you for any help,