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    CR and LR  profile problem with Canon 6D

    hsbn Level 3

      With my old camera, Canon 30D, everything is good. I used ColorChecker Passport to create my custom profiles. It works out great and I am happy. With the new 6D, the custom profile seems to give me a "greenish" cast. At first I thought the colorchecker was old and not working as well anymore. I bought a new one but the profile still gave me the same result. I took a photo of a scene including the graycard for white balance. I import the photo into Lightroom without any preset or adjustment. I choose the WB dropper to set the white balance for the photo under Adobe Standard Profile. For shady photo, I get temp around 7500 (give or take) and +10 tint. Everything looks great but the color is a little pink for my taste. Without changing anything, I switch the profile to Colorcheck custom profile. Everything has a heavy green cast now. Then I go back to the basic panel, and use the WB dropper on the gray card again. The photo looks good now; however, I got the temp around 10k and +80 to TINT level. That's way too high. I don't know if it's my camera problem or not. It has bugged me ever since. Also, now I cannot use the presets WB (cloudy, shade, daylight, etc...) any more when using the custom profile because those presets have very low TINT value in which my photo will look really green.

      Thank you for your time.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do I understand you to say that you're trying to use the profiles created with the 30D with the new 6D? I haven't created any profiles, don't use that feature. But my understanding is that you need to create profiles for each camera using that camera. If I have misunderstood, I apologize.

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            hsbn Level 3

            I'm sorry for not being clear. No I used the profiles created for 6D. You cannot use 30D profile on a different camera anyway.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you zip up your 6D calibration photo and the derived CCPP profile and upload that zip to an account on somewhere like http://www.dropbox.com/ and post a public download link in a message, here?  It might be worth to see if others get the same result. 


              Just to be clear, you are viewing 30D and 6D photos on the same computer one after the other, not 30D photos on a different computer or remembering how the 30D photos used to look on this computer?  Also, just to be sure, you don’t have any of the camera-calibration RGB sliders adjusted under where you specify the profile, or have non-zero Split Toning or non-zero HSL sliders set and somehow have them a set as the default do you?  Defaults are by camera-model so you could have different defaults between the 30D and 6D.


              And what version of ACR are you viewing this issue in?

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                hsbn Level 3

                I viewing them on the same monitor, side by side for comparision too.

                Here is the RAW file and the profile: http://sdrv.ms/ZIEMVM

                The photo was taken in the shade around noon.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Thanks for providing your original raw file and profile.  I tried building a custom profile from a DNG converted from your CR2 and looks good, so I don’t know what you might have done but your process, again, and see if it works any better.


                  More specifically when I apply my newly created profile to the CC image the WB of the next-to-white patch is 7300K / +4.


                  I notice that on the color table list, the correction settings for the cyan patch the saturation is maxed out at 30 so it might need a little more saturation, even, but that is as much correction as can be done, and the profile looks generally ok when applied to the CC image it was derived from.


                  I used the DNGPE 1.0.4 for Windows to make my profile from your image:



                  Here are the specific settings I used, most of them defaults, to create this single-illuminant profile:


                  • Color Tables - Base Profile – Adobe Standard before creating the color tables but this switches to Color Checker after I create the color tables and this is how I leave it.
                  • Tone Curve – Base Tone Curve - Base Profile
                  • Color Matrices – all sliders zeroed – something may be non-zero, here
                  • Options – Profile Name – 7300K +4 from Forum User Photo (this can be any name that makes sense but I usually put the actual temp/tint numbers in the profile title it so I can judge how far off my photo’s WB is from the profile and choose between several that may be close or differ mostly only in Tint. 
                  • Chart – Both Color Tables


                  With Both Color Tables selected, both the 2850K and 6500K color tables will have the set to the same set of corrections when reviewed on the Color Tables tab.  If you were making a dual-illuminant profile then you’d have two DNGs loaded with each one assigned to one of the color tables.  The “color table” colors are 2850K and 6500K so try to get your two images at those two WB’s as close as you can.  In this case it appears you’re making a 7500K single-illuminant profile which is fine.


                  Here is a side-by-side showing my and your profiles applied to your calibration photo, where mine seems reasonable and yours is greenish as you previously stated:


                  If you can't figure out what you're doing wrong, save and upload your recipe file to your skydrive so others can take a look.


                  My conclusion would be that your camera and your color-checker are ok but something is going wrong when you create your profile.  Without watching what you're doing it's hard to guess.  Hopefully you can figure it out from the details I gave, above, of my settings.

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                    hsbn Level 3

                    Thank you so much for your time. I created the profile using X-rite plug in. It does it automatically. I don't have any input or anything, just choose the photo, then export, give it a name, restart LR. Every steps is as is according to X-rite manual. Maybe I should start to do it manually using the Profile editor. Thank you again for your time. I cannot tell you how happy I am.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I have tried with the X-Rite CCPP software and LR plug-in and get a slightly different profile, one with a WB of 7400K15 as compared to 7400K5 with the DNGPE which suggests a slight greenish tint but I cannot really tell by looking at it.


                      Are you using the CCPP 1.0.2 version?  That is the latest, from 2010, and is what I installed.


                      Anyway, I’d suggest using Adobe’s tool and see if things work any better.  I don’t know why, but it is possible that the X-Rite software responds so the monitor profile and that is making yours and mine different, since my monitor calibration would be different than yours.  Do you have a wide-gamut monitor?  I have only a cheap HP but it is calibrated with an i1Dsiplay just yesterday.

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                        hsbn Level 3

                        I think I've found the cultprit and thank you for your help.

                        I'm using CCPP version 1.0.2 too. The thing is, I recalibrated my monitor but use the same name for the profile prior to making the camra profile. For some reason, CCPP uses the same information from previous monitor calibration thus throw off the the color. I changed my monitor profile name, CCPP detects new file, I re-create the camera profiles. Everything works perfect as it should now. I got WB really close to standard adobe profile and the color looks much better. Thank you again.