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    Error exporting media in Premiere 6.0


      I am having trouble exporting a time lapse in Premiere Pro 6.0.

      It will Encode until about 78% then return an error saying "Error compiling movie. Unknown error"

      I have tried exporting in a few formats, and with varying settings with the same results.

      I have also successfully exported normal video in the past with out any problems.


      I am using a MacBook Pro with 8gb 1600Mhz Ram, 2.9Ghz Intel Core i7 Processor and OSX v10.8.2



      [ ps ] I have just had a look through my Premiere Pro / 6.0 folder and have found that all the attempts in different formats that have produced uncorrupted files all share the same duration of 4.19 (eventhough the file sizes are different)