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    Why can't I view responses and form shared with me anymore?


      Someone shared a form with me, made me a co-author, and I was tweaking the form and getting responses on Adobe Forms Central with a user id that begins with swm.  I bought Adobe Pro using a different user id and had problems getting my educational discount done.  After 2 weeks of back and forth, the customer service people did eventually make it so that I have one user id, swm and a free adobe forms central account and a paid educational Adobe Pro account.  I spent over 3 hours on the phone with adobe today over two calls trying to get this finalized today.  However, NOW when I log into adobeforms central it tells me I don't have access to that document or permission to view it anymore even though I am using the same email, which is my adobe id.  


      Do I have to get the person who originally shared it with me to do something, or can I do it myself or with the help of adobe customer service?  I do NOT want to bother the person that shared it with me if it's possible because the school will have to PAY that person!  Please help!