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    Queuing from Premiere Pro to Adobe Media Encoder no longer working? CS6


      Hi there,


      Just very recently adobe media encoder has stopped accepting que's from premiere. I choose export in premiere, setup the export details and hit que, adobe media encoder launches, but then it flashes once (like disappears reappears, very quickly) and then it just simply does nothing. No item appears in the que. I have tried opening the premiere sequence directly from adobe media encoder but it does nothing either. If I drag the premiere project directly onto a preset in adobe media encoder, it crashes every time. (though not sure if it would of done this previous to my problem arising)


      Anyway, very frustrating as I usually work on a different project whilst media encoder is rendering something out. Now i'm stuck with huge down times as I wait till the render is finished.





      Recently updated to Mac OSX 10.8.3 - I think this is when the problem began.


      Just updated the CUDA driver to 5.0.45 but this has not changed anything.


      Working on a Mac Pro 5,1, 2x2.4Ghz 24GB RAM, EVGA GTX 660 FTW,