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    how do I relink clips from a AAF import to original camera media?


      Our current workflow is to import our camera master QTs into Media Composer.  And to then import our production audio WAV files.  These Master Clips, both video and audio, are left as is and not renamed.  We then Autosync them into subclips.  The synced subclips are renamed to the slate name.  We then offline edit.  Then we export a video only AAF that we import into FCP7 with Automatic Duck.  This make a Sequence and Clips.  The clips we can easily do a relink with search and it find the original MOV files and all our clips are back online.


      With FCP7 being DOA we are exploring how we are going to eventually replace it in our workflow and I'm giving Premier Pro a try since we already have the Production bundle for other software in the package. 


      When I import the AAF into PP it makes a sequence and 3 clips in the project window for each clip in the in the sequence.  One of the clips appears to refer only to audio so it's confusing as to why it exist since I have a video only AAF. 


      Then there are a set of clips that appear to match the Master Clips from the Avid in that they have the original MOV file name as their name and the TC on them matches too.  But when I select them to relink them the window that comes up is looking for the Avid MXF media.  So I have to relink each one at a time.  And once I have them online they are of no use as they don't have anything to do with clips cut into the sequence.


      Then there is another set of clips.  These have the slate names on them like the Subclips in Media Composer.  And if I load up the sequence and ask it to find a clip in the project it is these clips that get revealed.  And the durations on them are what is needed for the sequence, but not the entire length of the original subclips in Media Composer.  Now for the weird part, the clips have frame rates of 95.90fps and the TC on them is hours off from what it should be.  And when I go to relink them it is asking for MXF files that all begin with BLACK02 for whatever reason.  So with a lot of pain of using the Media Composer to cross reference each clip I hand relink them.  But none of these clips reference the correct part of the MOV file.  All of the clips line up with the first frame of the MOV.  Even subclips from the same master clip all start at the first frame of the MOV file.


      I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but whatever it is, it's very wrong.  I was hoping to find some direction on how to properly go from Media Composer to Premiere Pro with AAF files.


      Thank you,