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    I want to help with the translations of Tradition Chinese for Photoshop Touch for phone application


      Hi there,

      My name is Richard and I have been using your Photoshop Touch For phone app for quite some time.

      This is a great app but there is just one little thing that maybe you can make this app better by adding other languages.

      I am not really good at English so I have translated your app into Traditional Chinese for my personal use.

      I see that this app is only in English, it is quite inconvenient for people who don't understand English.

      So I am hoping if I can help and participate with Traditional Chinese traslation for this app in your next release.

      If you do so it's an great honor for me because I really like your app!

      Should I just attach the folders for the translations or do you have a website that I can just put all the translation in?

      I hope to hear from you soon