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    Flexdoc in CSIDE SDK


      We're building an extension to InDesign using the CS Extension Builder.

      The framework we're using is Flex 3.4 (eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.cside.flexsdk_2.0.0.62-32314/flexsdk/3.4.0).


      There are two problems here:

      • The source code for almost the entire framework has an empty line inserted after every line. This makes reading the code very annoying.
      • Content assist works, but there's no flexdoc - pressing F2 on, say, VBox, simply gives its class name, but doesn't display any of the documentation for the component.


      The first problem isn't a big deal (I fixed it with a little python script), but the second is a real problem, as it lowers productivity by making me dig around online for something that should be available right in the IDE.

      Is there any fix for this? (Does the documentation come from the SWC, or from the source files? If the latter, how can I make FlashBuilder rebuild its cache?)