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    Trouble with photoshop cs6 (global override) shortcuts

    kimmo242 Level 1

      hi there,


      at work my boss recently upgraded my cs5.5 (mac, mountain lion) to cs6, and deleted the cs5.5 version of the program before testing cs6, afterward we found that cs6 failed to migrate presets, and indesign failed to open at all, after a lengthy call to support and many attempted reinstalls we were told that the only workaround for the problem was to create a NEW USER account on the mac, then go into that new user account (effectively starting afresh) and reinstalling there, which worked.


      now, my problem is that in cs5.5, i had many shortcuts which overrode the f1 - f12 system keys, assigned to actions in photoshop. (ie shift f3 would flatten and convert to cmyk)

      when i loaded the action files in to the new installed psd cs6 (on the new user account side of my computer) suddenly the shortcuts would no longer work, and would default back to say, hitting some combination with the f key and it showing the desktop or some other system function instead of the photoshop action assigned to it.


      i have tried going to system preferences - keyboard and turning off ALL keyboard shortcuts to just about every other program, and i can't see anything about it in photoshop preferences either that would allow psd to override global shortcut keys, but i remember I set this up years ago when i got a new machine, and im sure it was something simple in either system prefs or photoshop prefs that i simply checked on or off that allowed psd to override....but i have no idea where!


      ive logged back onto the 'old' user account and tried to check out the difference between shortcuts, but i just can't see anything different between the two setups but something is obviously still not letting psd do its thing...


      please help if you have had a similar experience freeing up the 'f' keys for actions!!