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    Photoshop cs6 - How do you stop the "Help Improve Adobe's Products" window from appearing?


      EVERY time I open Photoshop CS6 I get the damn "Help Improve Adobe's Products" box appearing. I've clicked 'Participate' and answered all the questions ... I've pressed 'Do Not Participate' ... many times ! 


      The darn window still opens every time I open PS6 .... driving me nuts!!

      PS ... on a Mac ... in Australia.


      There must be a way of getting rid of it ...


      AND ... further ... on one of my machines ... my Mac Air ... for a while Photoshop CS6 would HANG completely (spinning beach ball) when the "Help Improve Adobe's Products" window opened BUT with no text in the box ... yup ... CS6 hung when the box opened completely empty of text !!


      Would not like that to happen whilst on an assignment 'on the road' !!!


      Plaese advise !!! Thanks