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    Photoshop CS6 zoom percentage

    richardn Level 1

      Hi there,


      Does anyone know if there is a way to set a default zoom percentage value in Photoshop CS6?


      I would like to set this to 31.5%.


      A bit of a strange value I know, but I've found that this value gives me an image on the screen that is the same size as what I get out of the printer.


      It would be great if I could do this, as it's a bit of a bind having to type in 31.5 over and over again in the Navigator.


      Apologies if this is covered elsewhere.  If it is I haven't been able to find it.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It depends if your on the Cloud or not. Adobe has taken that ability away from their cloud users.


          If your not on the cloud its easy.  First you need to know or calculate your display's DPI resolution and set it into your Photoshop's preferences display resolution.


          Your image print size depends on the DPI resolution it is printed at.  You image has a current Print size it is its current DPI resolution setting that determines print size simple math image pixel width/dpi by image pixel height/dpi.


          Next to need to create an action or script to do a single Photoshop step menu View>Print Size.


          To have it work automatically you need to enable the Script Event Manager and set an open document event to run your View Print Size action or script.


          Paul Riggott script found in the tread http://forums.adobe.com/message/4914063#4914063 comes close for cloud users I don't think he was able write a perfect script to provide cloud users with a solution.

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            richardn Level 1



            Thanks for the reply, but that seems overly complicated to me.


            All I want to do is be able to set my zoom percentage to a particular value and save it as a default.


            At present Print Size zooms my 300dpi images to 24%, which is not "Actual Size" of my print.


            If there isn't a simple way of just setting a default zoom percentage value please tell me and I'll forget all about it.


            I'm not technical enough to start doing all the calculations you suggested, and I have no idea what Scrip Event Manager is.  Nor do I want to know.


            Thanks again for your suggestion, it was just far too complicated for me to undersatand.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Seem you need a simpler editor then Photoshop or need to learn a bit about the software you have.


              For this is not overly complicated when it comes to Photoshop.


              If you want to automate something using Photoshop you need an Action, Script or both.


              If you want something to be automatically automated when you open a document you need that event to trigger the automation you want to happen.


              If you want your image to be displayed print size on your screen what needs to be known is the print size, the displays resolution and the images pixel size.   Knowing these sizes one can figure out the number of pixels that the imaged need to be displayed with on the display and knowing images pixel size it can be scaled for the display resolution. All image on you system most likely will not be set to 300dpi resolution. Images need to be scaled according to their resolution.


              Photoshop make it very easy to record Action.  The action Palette palette is a full blown action editor.


              Photoshop menu File>Scripts>Script Event Manager make it easy to trigger automation for given events.


              Photoshop knows image pixel size, print resolution therefor can calculate print size.  However  Apple's and Microsoft's operating systems do not know or store your displays resolution and you display hardware does not report pixel resolution to you computer. That piece of the equation is missing you need to set that for Photoshop then and only then can Photoshop calculate the correct View Print Size and scale the image accordingly.

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                richardn Level 1

                I'm always learning, I learn something every day.


                Today I have learned that some things are more complicated than I thought.


                I know how to record actions, and I don't consider myself a complete beginner using Photoshop.


                It just seems to me that being able to set your zoom percentage to a default value should be an easy option to do.


                I'll do some reading about how to use the Print Size feature.  I'm sure there will be an explanation out there somewhere simple enough for me to understand.


                Thank you again.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  The zoom percentage needed depends on the images resolution. Its what the image resolution is that determines print size.....



                  Its simple math (Image Pixel Width Number of)/(Print DPI) = Print Width and  (Image Pixel Height Number of)/(Print DPI) = Print Height



                  It Also seems that Adobe want to remove View Print Size as Phoshop continues on its down hill slide.

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    richardn wrote:


                    I'm always learning, I learn something every day.


                    It is quite instructive to click on Image/image size.  In bottom uncheck "resample image" (which adds or subracts pixels).  The change the resolution  and see how image size changes and file size stays the same.  This is what JJ was refering to.  If resample image is "on" the file size changes and image size stays the same.  THey are all interelated.


                    And yes, the more you learn the more you see you don't know much.  That is why there is an old expression "ignorance is bliss".  No reflection on you, just an observation.

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                      Hi Richard,


                      Here is how you do it step-by-step.


                      I needed a keyboard shortcut to return to my favorite zoom level after zooming out for an overview when editing images. And so I decided to make a small tutorial about it, for others in a similar situation:



                      I hope you find it useful.




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                        Actually, this is already built in but somewhat hidden and I had trouble finding it as well. In the Mac version (it should be the same on PC), in the lower-left corner of your window, the current zoom percentage is displayed along with your document size. That percentage is actually clickable and will let you manually change it there, even though your zoom menu only lets you select specific presets.


                        Contrary to what was suggested above, you shouldn't be fooling with your document's resolution only for on-screen preview purposes—that can produce headaches when you forget to change it back and go to press. Apologies the "helpful" advice was to use a different program. That's far from the way we foster a positive creative community.

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                          This is what i need. Photoshop should create an option inside of the preference for this. I'm using mac book pro and the mouse is not working great for zoom! When i was using windows and regular mouse it was better than now.

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                            I also needed to zoom to actual size as I am a Textile Designer and needed to know how to zoom to print size.  I was unable to find a fix but figured out an easy work around.


                            1)  Zoom in to actual size.  The easiest way to do this is by making sure your rulers are up.  Grab a tape measure and zoom in until 1 inch on your screen matches the 1 inch on your tape measure.


                            2) Take note of the zoom percentage on the Status Bar . In my case the perfect number is 82%



                            3) Next time you need to zoom to actual size just type in that magic number in the Status Bar.  It looks like just a display but you can input your own percentage.


                            I hope this helps!

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                              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Actually there is a command called View > Print Size in Photoshop.  You can assign a shortcut to it.


                              But first you find your monitor's screen resolution  Example: 1280 px Horizontal screen resolution/11.25 jn Horizontal screen length = 113.7 round to nearest whole pixel = 114 ppi


                              Then Edit > Preferences > Units and Rulers and enter it here:


                              and click OK to confirm.

                              Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.33.02 PM.png


                              Then turn on rulers in your image, and go to View > Print Size.  A screen inch will equal a ruler inch.


                              And you have your document's physical print size displayed on screen.