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    Bug? Renaming of conditional tags not changed in snippets (RH9)

    Erwin Timmerman

      If I rename a conditional build tag (CBT), these changes are copied into the htm files. However, the CBTs are NOT changed in hts files (the snippets).


      • Can anyone else reproduce this? Was it fixed in RH10?


      If not, I can file a bug report. (or should this be considered a feature? )


      Regardless of whether or not you would WANT to insert conditions in snippets, if you CAN, the changes should be carried through into snippets as well IMO.


      How I found out:


      I have a CBT called TBD, which is excluded during build. In this tag, I put questions or remarks such as "add link to..." To make sure any unaddressed questions never show up in the final build, they are excluded using this tag.


      To make the tag more specific and less prone to show up in text searches that were not specificly aimed at this tag, I renamed it to _T_B_D_.


      When I subsequently opened a snippet, it showed me a tag color I did not set. And lo and behold, the condition was still TBD.