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    interactive pdf


      Hi everyone


      I'm having trouble with making an interactive pdf!

      I have made buttons and animations to go from one page to another.

      Then i made from every page an swf, and hide all other layers.

      when i export that as an pdf it works but when i put a movie and music in this document these last two wont work!

      Can anyone help me with that plzz!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Mixing SWF in PDF output is generally not a good idea, except for an isolated animated object. Even when it works it doesn't usually display in a very professional way. Many computers (and no mobile devices) will not display SWF.


          For the video and sound to work, you should stick to the actions that work with buttons in PDF.



          If you look at the actions list for a button, choose from the top group of items, or from the bottom group (PDF Only). Don't use the ones labelled Liquid HTML5 and SWF.


          If you do that, and if you choose a good video and audio formats (preferably MP4 and MP3), then it should work fine.

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            Vanderwildt Level 1

            thank u, I will send thiss to my teacher!