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    Fireworks CS6 Subscription Mac Not Responding

    MotionMaker Level 1

      I have a CS6 subscription.


      I had not used FW CS6 (subscription service version) for a few months, but used it and version predecessors regularly for years and today the CS6 Subscription would not open with Mac 10.8.2 where it basically shows startup screen and then puts mac into overdrive using about 62% of CPU where mac reports in monitor "Not Responding) and same message on Force Quit menu.


      So I did rename prefs in both Library and Application Support. That did not work.


      Then I removed Fireworks CS6 using Uninstall and reinstalled from the Adobe Application Manager.


      When the problem first started you would at least see the doc window, empty, no panels, no menu. but now just see a small window in top left corner of screen narrow width about 100 px(approx) and about 400 px (approx) with six horizontal lines.


      So I am at a lost what to do next.