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    Initial Rendering Questions in AE

    Matt Dubuque Level 1

      Good morning,


      Today I rendered my first project in AE as part of the process of testing my entire workflow prior to proceeding further.


      I do have one question about the first part of the render.  (There were a few substantial glitches with the QT end result that I will try to troubleshoot on my own first, but they don't seem impossible to resolve, which is a good sign.)


      I have an aging MacPro with an ATI 2600 graphics card, which does not support CUDA. 


      As I watched my comp render, everything seemed to render fine.  There were no skips or hiccups and it rendered at an acceptable rate of speed, nice and steady.


      I did notice however that my RAM usage levels displayed at the bottom of my Render panel were generally reading about 70-75%, which seems high.


      I have 18 gigs of RAM and my comp does seem to have render intensive aspects; for example, it contains two HD 1080 full size videos that I am combining by using an overlay blend mode and I am attempting to render this in a QT container with a ProRes 444 codec to preserve any alpha channel information.


      Because I don't have a CUDA system, I would expect my RAM usage to be elevated, and I think I should be thankful that RAM usage did not go above 80% and that there were no freezeups during the render.


      But given these few facts, does 75% usage of 18 gigs of RAM during a somewhat intensive HD render of a comp with 9 layers seem within the ballpark of what is to be expected, given that I have an older MacPro that is not CUDA enabled?


      Thanks for sharing your views,






      Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 7.17.20 AM.png