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    Importing images into RoboHelp 10


      Just started using RoboHelp 10 to update a reference project of about 1,500 topics (HTML files). I've been away from using RoboHelp for a couple of years; I did use RH 7 back in 2010. I've never seen a way to import one or several images into an existing project. In RH10, what's the best way to add new images? Thanks.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If you are talking about adding them one at a time during composition of a topic (perhaps by taking screen captures) I normally work this way. (Note that I use SnagIt to capture my images)


          Save the image from SnagIt to the RoboHelp HTML folder where the image will live.

          Insert the image into the topic.


          If you are talking about several images, I'd simply copy all of them to the RoboHelp folder where I want them to exist, then insert them into topics as desired.


          Cheers... Rick