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    Creating custom Class

      I have the following class definition that works great :
      package com
      public class Person
      private var _name:String;
      private var _mailingAddress:String;
      private var _mailZip:String;
      private var _mailState:String;
      private var _mailCity:String;

      public function get name():String {
      return _name;

      public function set namedInsured(value:String):void {
      _namedInsured = value;

      public function get mailingAddress():String {
      return _mailingAddress;

      public function set mailingAddress(value:String):void {
      _mailingAddress = value;

      public function Insured() {}

      I want to replace all the address items (mailingAddress, mailingCity, etc) so that it has subproperties for each address
      element... IE mailingAddress.line1, mailingAddress.city, mailAddress.state, etc
      How do I define the getters and setters for that ?