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    Bad Parameter Error on Save after Adding Password Security


      Recently, we migrated our client to a new terminal server running Windows 2008 R2.  The version of Adobe that we have installed is Adobe Acrobat X Pro.  Documents can be saved without any issues until a password is added.  Once a password is applied and anyone tries to save they get a popup saying "Bad parameter."  This happens with all users and all documents including ones that I created with Acrobat to test.  So far the only work around that I have found is to use "save as" instead of "save."  I have tried other modifications like removing and adding a page and those do not throw any error messages when saving.  I have turned off the option to "Verify signatures when the document is opened" but that did not have any effect.  Since it was a new install, I have also re-installed the application and updated to make sure the issue was not with the install.  After the install, the same error occurs.  Any help would be appreciated.