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    Time-line responsiveness

    jamesp2 Level 1

      I've been cutting a variety of intra and AVCHD footage, and while prepared for poor scrubbing performance, I've been surprised by lags in time-line response.  Moving rapidly from cut to cut, picture display can't keep up.  And after hitting "play", there's a noticeable delay, about 2 seconds, before it gets going.


      This is a 32GB, 3930K system with a 660ti, and I did edit the cuda file -- and am getting Mercury Playback.  Playing the footage is fine, with or without effects.  It's just the general lag in time-line responsiveness which is surprising.


      Is this more or less normal?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How many and what kind of hard drives, and where are your files located?

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            jamesp2 Level 1

            I have 2 seagate 2T media drives, though in this case, the intra and AVCHD files are all on one of them, with the media cache on the unused 2T drive,  Win7 and PPro are on a SSD. 


            But all we're talking about here is playback of a single video track, and it doesn't seem to make any difference what the data rate of the codec is.  150mbt intra is no different from 50mbit long GOP, with respect to responsiveness.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              It might be that your system is not properly tuned, or your expectations are just too high.


              Try PPBM5 Benchmark to see how well your system performs in comparison to similar systems. That could give an indication of where to look for potential improvements.

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                jamesp2 Level 1

                I've got everthing that can be shut off, shut off (no indexing, no defrag, no power management, no anti-virus or security suite, no aero, etc.).


                I'll run the benchmark, as you suggest.  But, as it happens, I'm doing an Edius 6.5 comparison at the same time.  Edius is much faster, which leads me to believe it's not my system.  Could be that my expectations for PPro are just too high....

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Edius is a lot faster, that is true.

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                    jamesp2 Level 1

                    Thanks for the responses so far, and hate to be insistent, but come on, guys -- this is a pretty basic question, and a fundamental one.  Are the playback lags described in the first post -- which may not show up on benchmarks -- commonly seen with PPro?


                    Does the recorder window update instantaneously as you move the time-line cursor rapidly or jump from one cut to another by holding down a cursor key for repeat action?  Or does the recorder window fail to display most of the cuts along the way, and take time to update to the correct image when you come to a stop? 


                    When you hit "play" does playback start that instant (or in a fraction of a second), or is there a noticeable delay before it gets going?


                    Forgive my exasperation, but this is something which is either happening, or not happening, hundreds of times a day for any editor -- there's no way to miss it.  Unfortunately, I can't ascertain if the problem is on my end, if nobody comments on it.

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                      Stu S Level 1

                      Your setup sounds similar to mine, and so does your problem.  Check out this thread.




                      No one from adobe has officially acknowledged this, which is dissappointing.  I'd suggest a bug report, hopefully it gets addressed in the next major point upgrade.

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant
                        1. What version of Premiere?
                        2. How long are your timlines?

                        I have seen in CS6 with a long timeline on my AVCHD and my typical two camera timline that the first half hour or so that play is very good.  Later in the timeline especially after scrubbing the CTI when I hit play the audio instantly plays but the video stops and occasionly jumps.  I did not see this in CS5.5.


                        This has been reported and a test file submitted.

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                          jamesp2 Level 1

                          I downloaded the [trial] version about two weeks ago, and the logo reads 6.0.0.


                          These are single video track timelines, just a simple string of clips for testing purposes, and no filters.  The behavior described above occurs with both AVCHD and avc-intra footage.  The time-lines are all under 15 minutes.


                          The more you move the cursor around, the likelier there will be a delay to update the recorder window when you finally come to rest on the timeline, and a similar noticeable delay before playback starts.  And after a lot of cursor movement, playback may be jerky -- you need to stop, and re-start playback.


                          Without a lot of movement, you may get instanteous playback.

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                            Stu S Level 1

                            It's cache buffering.  I'm used to moving around the timeline quickly, and when I do, I see it there as well.  It has to do with how your video card and Premiere communicate - you won't see any jerky movement on the same files played outside of Premiere.  Hopefully Eric is around the forum and can explain better than I can. 

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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              Are the playback lags described in the first post -- which may not show up on benchmarks -- commonly seen with PPro?


                              Only with some spanned media.