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    Any chance Adobe will have their own VDP export file?


      Just curious if adobe plans to explore the wold of Data Merge to the extent of creating a file type that acts as the VPS does. It is so nice to have data merge and avoid using a plug in that requires a fee and keeping their support. This community outweighs any support I have seen so far while working with adobe products not to mention the support I have available by being a Cloud customer. So far it does everything I need, except allow the user to create a file that RIPs fast at the printer controller for digital printing. In the past I had to purchase a plugin called XmPie for CS2. It worked well. It allowed for a file type called VPS which made rip times soooooo much faster than say a PDF. It does not work with newer versions of InDesign. I am now on the Creative Cloud and in need of XmPie like utilities but wanting to avoid the cost of any issues with updates in the future while on the Cloud.