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    Which software/program?


      I need information to decide which software/program is best for our office.  I have to make a recommendaton to my boss by the end of this week.


      My goal is to be able to convert or recreate our word form docments to PDF files that can be sent via email or hard copy and be completed by hand or electonically.


      Originally, I started a trial with Adobe Acrobat XI software.  Then I used the forms I created in XI, in the FormsCentral online program.  I edited the forms in FormsCentral and distributed it to a coworker to test.


      I would like to use the FormsCentral online program.  Do I need Adobe Acrobat XI to use FormsCentral?  Can I create fillable PDF forms with FormsCentral alone?


      I want to be able to:

      • Create PDFs for saving and/or distributing (electonically & hard copies)
      • Have the PDF forms be completed by hand and/or electonically by the recipients
      • Have the data from the PDF forms saved to the FormsCentral Summary table when the recipient submits the complete form
      • Be able to enter the information into the Summary table, from the forms completed by hand and returned to me by scan or fax
      • I also want to option to convert the data from the Summary table into the PDF to print and/or to save on my pc


      I'm sure there are many more options I can learn about once I get the full/paid version but those are the basic requirements for now.


      Thanks for your help,