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    Opening Pagemaker 6.5 with Excel Files in ID CS6


      I am trying to update a catalog which was created on PageMaker 6.5, but I'm now using InDesign CS6, which I have only been using for a few months so I'm still not extremely familiar with it. I can open PMD files in ID just fine, but a lot of the catalog is excel spreadsheets created in PageMaker. When I open the files ID is treating the tables like images so I can't exit them or even copy and paste the text into another format. I do still have a computer running Pagemaker and I tried finding a way to either link the spreadsheets or export all of them so I could import or at least copy and paste from excel into ID, but I'm not finding a way. The only thing I've been able to do is click on each individual spreadsheet, open excel, and save a copy to another location, although I haven't tried opening that file on any other computer yet.


      Does anyone know how I can either get ID to open the PMD files with the spreadsheets as tables that I can edit, or even save all the spreadsheets at once so I can open them in excel and copy and paste?

      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I just don't have the time to re-type the whole catalog, and I would like to avoid saving each spreadsheet one by one if I can.