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    trouble starting flash builder 4.6


      the splash screen shows up for a moment and then goes away, and the program never starts

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Installing and activating Flash Builder forum.  Scottr0302 which operating system are you using?  Do you receive any particular error messages?

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            Will_McGee Level 1

            I am having the same issue,  The splash screen starts then it exits without throwing any error messages.


            I looked at the amt3.log file and last few lines look like this


            2013-03-25 08:55:20 [4648]  AMT: DoISOTagging() called more than once for the same license state! Old State = 0, New State = 0

            2013-03-25 08:55:20 [4648]  AMT: ERROR: Failure Validating Product License!

            2013-03-25 08:55:20 [4648]  performance: AMTValidateProductLicense took 17.774193 ms


            I have a valid creative cloud subscription and all my other applications work just fine including Flashbuilder 4.7


            I just dont want to lose 4.6 and design view


            I have called Adobe twice and can never get through, ( Actually calling right now, so far ive been on hold for 20 minuts without a response )

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              Hi, @Will_McGee, did you manage to solve the problem? I am having exatly the same problem. The application exits right after the splash screen. Previously, my flash builder freezes while saving workspace and I cannot launch flash builder ever since that happened. I have googled through all the possible solutions like deleting the .metadata folder in the workspace or change the default workspace by modifying the config files in the application folder. None of them works.


              So, as a final throw of dice, I decided to install a new copy of flash builder. But still, It just does not launch! Please help.