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    % Idle very high, but Photoshop maxed out.

    jmvdigital Level 1

      I'm running Photoshop CS6 on a late 2011 MBP 17" with 16GB RAM.


      My question relates to process resource usage of Photoshop. Right now I am applying a Nik Silver Efex filter to a very large tradeshow image. I realize this is going to take some time no matter what. However, in Activity Monitor, the process line for Photoshop shows it at around 100-110% CPU. The bottom CPU tab (system totals) is showing % Idle at 80-85%. Is that normal?


      To me those numbers suggest that Photoshop is only utilizing 15-20% of my total processor capability. If I look at the expanded processor view, four of the cores are showing low-moderate usage, and the other four are completely empty. I'm not sure what's going on.


      Oh, and I contacted Nik support already and they said that their software works within Photoshop, so any performance issues stem from Photoshop itself.