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    Blank Pages coming in PDFAdobe Output Server 5.7

    sbensam Level 1

      Blank Pages coming in PDF, when i use JFMERGE command and merge the mdf as a form the pages are coming blank .

      When i merge ccc_tc.mdf it seperatley its working fine.


      The command used for merging

      /opt/app/adobe/adobe/bin/jfmerge ccc_610.mdf mjob639647103902021345615.fnf -z"ccc.pdf" -afp/opt/app/documents/20130322 -aspPDF -aii/opt/app/adobe/adobe/server/etc/jfmerge.ini


      Sample fnf file looks like this

      ^symbolset 5

      ^reformat yes

      ^page 1

      ^global coname


      ^form ccc_tc



      This is an urgent issue , please provide me solutions . Let me know if you guys want additinaol information