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    How can I get RoboHelp to recognize my FrameMaker installation?

    Jerry_F_at_RedSeal Level 1

      I have Technical Suite 3.5 installed and several RoboHelp projects linked to FrameMaker books.


      The Frame books were created in FrameMaker 10. I then upgraded to Technical Suite 3.5, then later upgraded my FrameMaker to 11.


      All was well, RoboHelp continued to update from the Frame book files.


      Then last week my hard disk crashed. IT provided a new disk, installed the Technical Suite and FrameMaker 11, but now when I open the RoboHelp projects and try to update them, RoboHelp displays an error message that says "Adobe FrameMaker 10 is not installed. No FrameMaker documents can be updated."


      When I try to relink the project to FrameMaker (File | Link), I get a similar message:  "This operation cannot be completed without FrameMaker 10. Install FrameMaker 10 and try again."


      How can I get RoboHelp to recognize my FrameMaker 11 installation, which it used to do prior to the crash and reinstallation?