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    Question Weighting...

    Jadeivy Level 1
      Question Score Weight.

      How can I handle Question Score Weight?

      I thought of one way, but it seems a long way around the issue.
      Ultimately I'd like to be able to change the weight of a question (for scoring). I'd like it to be transparent where no matter how many questions I add - and fix weight for - the total is still a max 100%.

      If a question is weighted at 1 or undefined, the question will automatically have a weight of 1 for scoring purposes.

      If the weight is greater than 1 the weight will be multiplied by the weight score.

      If the total number of questions is 10, and they each have a weight score of 1 - then the weight would equal.

      100/10 - or 10% for each question.

      Total Percent = 10% x 10

      If all ten are answered correctly, then Total Score would be 100%.

      In a case where the number of correct answers is 9 and there is one incorrect answer:

      100/10 - or 10% for each question. Total Percent = 10% x 9 - or 90%

      And so on.

      In a case where weighting comes in, if a question had a weight of 2 - The total number of questions is increased by 2, to 12

      100/12 - 8.333

      The weight factor of 2 would be figured as such:
      The total number of questions is decreased by 2, to 8

      100/8 - 12.5

      The total correct are added up to make total score.

      Is there an easier way to do this?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you have 2 independent variables: the number of questions and the weight for each question. (the weight for each question might be viewed as a number of independent variables, but would be simplest to consider as an array of weights and the array of weights is an independent variable.)

          the total score and percentage correct are dependent variables and easily calculated once you establish the number of questions and the array of weights. for example, if you have N questions and with the weight for question 0,...,N-1 given by