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    Saving a Queue in Encore and opening it on a Render computer in Encore

    Christian St Level 1

      We have a networked shared hard drive system, that has a very fast server build in. I am working with a lot of 4K RED footage and Premiere. The goal is to send a output for rendering in Encoder, but instead of slowing down my machine, have the server thats driving the RAID do the rendering in its own version of Encoder. Since they are r3D files, I don`t have the old function that FCP had where you could render a "non-self-sustained movie" that rendered in a few seconds.


      There is a way to safe the Queue in Encoder, but no way to open it. Would this be possible somehow ?

      I know you can not network render due to the codes needing each frame in order, but I just want to move the complete render job onto another machine, so I don`t tie up my edit bay.