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    How to allow users to edit form

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      Maybe this isn't a typical use for these forms, but I thought I would give it a try.  I need to create product specification forms for my designers to fill out to give to their clients.  There are standard fields in the form such as product information, pricing., etc that remain fixed. However, my designers need to be able to edit the form in order to place different product images since there doesn't seem to be an option for users to directly up images into the document(unless I missed it).   In Adobe Acrobat Pro, users can edit PDF images and content to suite their specific needs.  I need to enable this option on my form when creating them, so my designers can edit forms according to their project.  After opening a PDF Form I created in FormsCentral in Adobe Acrobat Pro, I click "Edit Text & Images," but I get a message that "This is a secured document.  Editing is not permitted." When creating a form, what do I need to do so that my documents may be edited or is it even possible with this program.



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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          If you want to modify the PDF in Acrobat you need to


          (1) open the form in Acrobat

          (2) File > Save a Copy...

          (3) Open the copy you just saved in (2)


          You can now edit the form. You might want to save this form back using

          (1) File > Save as Other... > Reader Extended PDF > Enabled Mode Tools (includes form fill-in& save)...

          so that people using Adobe Reader can save the filled form.


          Hope this helps. I'm not sure exactly if I get your workflow completely though. Note that you have to be carefull what changes you do in Acrobat as certain changes might break the FormsCentral Submit.



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            Thank you, that worked!  I'm new to Adobe FormCentral and this is the first PDF document I've ever created.  I see how it could be beneficial to have forms submitted in the future for questionaires that our clients fill out, however, I thought this might be a useful tool for just creating a PDF document.  Maybe there is a better way to go about doing it, but thus far this is the best option I've seen yet unless you can recommend something that would be more effective.  I recently became a Creative Cloud member and I just stumbled across FormCentral while looking for a solution to creating these forms.  Normally I would have created a document like that in Microsoft Word, however, I thought this would be less time consuming for my designers to fill out. Are you aware of another way that would be more effective?  I'm afraid I am not super tech savy, but do learn new programs quite quickly.  Thanks for your assistance!

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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              I need to understand your workflow better. We can talk offline about this (email me at glaroche@adobe.com) if you want.

              From what I understand your use case is not a typical use of FormsCentral BUT creating PDF forms (whether you gather data or not in FormsCentral) is a typical use of the product and it is easy and fast doing it in FormsCentral so it can be a good starting point for you.