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    Presenter 8/SCORM 2004: no tracking in LMS?




      We're using a new LMS and I'm new to using Adobe Presenter, especially with enabling the reporting to SCORM 2004 capabilities. When loading into our LMS, the courses are tracking progress and resuming correctly, but they are not passing completion data. (We're simply doing 80% of slide views to track completion).


      Our vendor claims the issue lies with Presenter, and claims that Adobe Presenter does not pass grading or tracking information to LMS. 


      We have tested the content in SCORM Cloud, and tracking and grading information is being recorded correctly. Are there known issues with Presenter reporting and tracking in SCORM 2004?


      Also possibly related, to get Captivate courses to track/report correctly, we had to add javascript to each file provided by the LMS vendor and patch the manifest file (I don't know what was adjusted to make those work, though).


      Thanks for any help or thoughts,