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    iphone form trouble

    dereklink3055@gmail.com Level 1

      My survey form is not laterally scrollable on an iphone but is on an android. Any ideas why?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Would you mind sharing the URL to your form for us to check out?  Also, how did you embed your form (what tags are around our embed code)?  Is it in an iFrame?  Does the embedded form have a horizontal scrollbar within the parent page when viewed on Android or on a desktop?   We'd be happy to look into it further.





          PS - in case you have not checked it out, I am not sure if the info here will help with your situation but here is some help on embedding forms: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1991

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            dereklink3055@gmail.com Level 1

            Hi Josh,


            Thanks for your reply. The web site is



            Thanks for looking it over. I just used the embed code from the Adobe Forms

            site. It is a Word Press site as you'll note.



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Hi Derek;


              I don't have a complete solution for you but still have feelers out to give you better guidance.  In the meantime I thought I would share what I see, in your HTML code I believe you need to do something like add a pixel width to the body div tag so that anytime the screen is smaller than say 768 pixels the horizontal scroll bars would appear.  I don't have your style.css to edit the css to, but I added style="width:600px" to div class="entry-content" (<div class="entry-content" style="width:600px">) and that results in a horizontal scrollbar that works on the iPhone, however the background image ends up behind part of the form so that will have to be played with more to get it working right.  I wanted to give you an update and not leave you hanging, hopefully that gives you enough to go on, if not I should have more tomorrow.




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                dereklink3055@gmail.com Level 1

                Thanks Josh, I appreciate you working on this.  Derek

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                  DevRandy Adobe Employee

                  Your form is using media type based css to horizontally size all of the elements to fit within the window.  Since everything is sized to fit within the widow, the browser has nothing to scroll (pan and zoom on a mobile device).  Adding the style #page {min-width: 753px;} is one way to give the page a size that will fit the form and trigger mobile devices to pan and zoom.