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    Font kerning issue on Mac only


      I've just recently made the jump from Windows to Apple and have upgrade to the new Flash CS6.

      I have, however just encountered a problem with kerning on some fonts when I export them as a .swf to be then loaded into my test site. These fonts are able to be changed and custom text written in for them on our site.

      I have made sure that all my fonts are embedded and are dynamic text. I'm using two custom fonts (Microgramma with a slight tweak to some of the character shapes, and a full custom number font) along with stock standard impact.

      I've never encountered this problem before, until I moved to Mac.


      What I have noticed is that I do not have the option to select auto kern when I have the text as dynamic numbers, which is what I think could be my problem.

      I have heard rumours the only way around this issue is to ecxport my file from a Windows computer, but this would just make double handling of my files and be a right pain the the butt.


      I'm wondering if there is another way around this at all?


      Any help is greatly appreciated! more than happy to provide any other information you may want.