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    Forward Domain NAme

    geoff123 Helper

      Hi There,


      Love some help


      I have an exisiting business catalyst site



      I also have the domain name



      which I would like forwarded to



      The Register for both sites is Crazy domains

      Both sites name servers have bee changed to





      For edgecliffelectric.com I have  added th efollowing to My Site Managemnt page under Site Domains this was done on Monday

      edgecliffelectric.comForwards To - www.edgecliffelectric.com.auThis ServiceEdit   Delet


      The site is still not working


      still comes up as "Safari can't find server"


      Am I missing a step - can you suggest what I might do.


      Any help most appreciaed.





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          Brad Lawryk Mythic

          Over here in Canada it comes up just fine ......... probably either a propogation issue or a caching issue.


          But it is working.

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            Gaurav.S Mythic

            It works Fine at My end. Try to clear the browser cache, may be that helps. Usually when you you update the name servers, it updates within few hours, but the recommended time is 24 - 48 hours, so it may be a DNS propagation issue as well.

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              geoff123 Helper

              Thanks for the help


              is not coming up(site not found) - I would like it to divert to


              which is coming up


              Clinet has both these domain names and would like them both to be working and pinting to the sam site.


              What can I do.






              PS what did youhtink of the site??