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    approach to FE designs

    undsame Level 1

      I'm wondering what's the best approach to FE designs

      Let's assume FE prepared several static html mockups files based on psd files

      I can create components and many of them are parametrized by css class attribue. This is an issue. Another issue is that sometimes FE are not cq5 code generation aware

      Let's assume there is hypotetical Link component and there's the following code in design


      <a href="..." class="button red">title</a>


      1. By default the rendered html will be

      <div class="link>

           <a href="..." class="${model.classes}">${model.title}</a>



      + the same html markup on author and publish. That's great and easy to support

      - code diffrent that design. For sure you ask for trouble here

      - ugly from FE point of view



      2. Use cq:htmlTag to control tag and class. That solution is ok but not work in this case

      - class name is fixed



      3. Custom include tag that do not render decoration on publish

      + html on publish almost the same as in designs, you have to write you own parsys

      - different html on author and publish. Sometimes very difficult to fix UI issues on author

      and often they are not fixed in the end


      Ok. Then what do you do in such case ? I don't see a perfect solution here