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    unable to download


      I am trying to download/open an ebook (ascm) and i get an error stating " error getting license. license server communication problem  e lic already fulfilled by another user."

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have you already downloaded it once using a different AdobeID?  You cannot use the same .acsm file to download multiple times under different users ids.


          In particular:

          1. Install ADE, but do not register an AdobeID.  You get some kind of anonymous id.
          2. Download a DRM book (via .acsm file; which will place a DRM .epub or .pdf file on your computer containing the real book).  That will be locked to the anonymous id.
          3. Register ADE with an AdobeID.
          4. You will no longer be able to read the (.epub/.pdf) book you downloaded, or to re-download it (using the .acsm).


          There is no way to transfer a book between two different IDs (except DRM stripping; which has dubious legality).