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    easy ? could not figure this one

    Netcommercial Level 1

      I bought an AE template stretched it from the 5 seconds it is to the 16 seconds I needed Well first I stretched to 13 sec played around with it and then to 16 sec.


      Now the Final Renders are not stretched to import into Prem Pro..

      So I import the Scene file instead.


      Funny thing here. I timed the text with the beats of the music, looks good in text edit area, then click over to view in the Scene tab and the music is stretched and not at the same speed.

      So I removed music figuring the stretch messed with it. Added a new Mp3 track (Same tune) to the Scene (Drag and drop) same deal. The tempo is slowed down. In Scene tab but good in

      the Text tab/editor


      Text and Mp3 look, and are timed right..Under text edit tab, then I pop over to scene tab to see the whole compilation out of time?


      I removed the Mp3 and then imported into Prem Pro figuring I could just add the Mp3 there, as there is an overlap or transition for my movie and the title anyways....

      Yet, the exported scene is still outta wack or not in sync with music. After adding the music I timed it to in AE.... The Text edit area and the Mp3 in AE are previewing as in sync but

      not in the Scene tab of AE nor in Prem Pro's timeline.


      Another ? is the Final Renders that come with an AE template 720 or 1080 are those just rendered scene files re-imported into AE? Funny how when I make an adjustment to the text it shows the changes in the rendered 720 and 1080 file it came with although the 1080 file dropped the extra 3 seconds I added to the time line I ultimately needed as I had originally stretched it only to 13 sec but found 16 fit better. I tried to Render and re-import but got an error so I skipped that and then went on to just use the scene file in PP...


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Do it the old-fashioned way:  use the AE Render Queue.  And don't rxpect miracles from mp3 files.  Tey're good enough to time out effects to audio, but I wouldn't include an audio track if I were rendering.  Mp3s and AE don't play very nicely together.  I hope you have that audio elsewhere.

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            Netcommercial Level 1

            Thanks for the advice on the render out. I will try that and see if that will give me the solution for a timed export without the Mp3 and then add the Mp3 to the title in Prem Pro.

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              I exported as you mentioned Dave via an AVI out lossless. My timing is still off as it is the same MP3 I timed it with. AE file must be corrupt.  Even the 720 and  1080 final renders it comes with are not stretching to the 16 seconds desired...Stuck at 10 as I origianlly stretched to. Before wanting another 6 seconds. IF any of this makes sense to a person looking in?


              Thought maybe someone has come across this after stretching a template?


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                Sometimes a pic is worth a 1000 so here is the screen shot and a few trouble areas. I tried to redoux the edit and before doing 4 hours of editing I simply stretched the TL and changed the Comp settings. Dragged out one TL text it came with to the 16 sec point but it won't go the full 16 on the scene tab. Stops at 10 repeats. Text does play out to 16 sec. Scene, nor Final Renders that come with it does NOT. Those Final Renders will show any changes such as text, etc. BTW...


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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  More helpful would be a shot of the template with all layers and all keyframes exposed. Just select all layers in the template and press u.


                  If you want to simply nest your template in another comp don't use time stretch. Set the comp settings to 16 seconds then click on the nested comp and select Layer>Time>enable time remapping and drag the last keyframe generated to the end of the time line. Now things should be the right length. I can't guarantee however that the animation will be smooth because I don't know what's in the template comp.


                  On your timeline showing 1080, that's only the name of the active composition. There's no way of telling what the comp settings are unless you show us the comp settings or select the comp in the Project Panel so we can see the comp info.


                  If I were going to use a template for a project I would follow these steps:

                  1. Open the template and immideatly save the project under a different name.
                  2. Open up the comps and the pre-comps and check the comp settings using Cmnd/Ctrl + k
                  3. Adjust the duration of the comps to suit my requirements.
                  4. Make sure the comp size matches my output requirements. If not use File>Scripts>Scale Composition to change the comp size to my project specifications. (total time so far is about 5 minutes)
                  5. Start with the Final or Main comp, with all layers or none of the layers selected press the U key to reveal all keyframes.
                  6. With the keyframes visible start at the bottom right corner of the timeline and marquis select all visible keyframes in the composition. They all should be yellow.
                  7. I'd then select the last keyframe in the stack and hold down the Alt/Option key and drag the farthest right keyframe to the new end point for the animation. This will uniformly scale the timing of all the animation. If the layers do not extend to the last keyframe then I'd go to the last keyframe for each layer and set a new out point.
                  8. Repeat the process for the pre-comps. and run a quick 1/4 rez or less ram preview to check timing.
                  9. If everything is OK I've now spent 10, maybe 15 minutes on the project. If there are problems I'd look for them and fix them. I've never seen a template that was so complex that other change timing problems couldn't be fixed with a click or two.
                  10. Now, and only now, would I replace the place holders with my footage and type, make the color adjustments, and finalize the project for render.

                  The whole process may take about 15 to 20 minutes for most templates. The techniques for making timing adjustments for keyframes are documented in the help files. You can find the reference by typing editing keyframes in the Help Search Field. You will find this info.


                  Here's what a timeline looks like just before I click on the bottom right keyframe and Alt/Option drag it to a new ending time.


                  Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 6.22.43 PM.png

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                    Netcommercial Level 1

                    Thank you Rick.

                    I am upstairs on my Laptop and will try this one later, if not tomorrow. I will come back (I am sure) to mark correct after I give your much detailed and appreciated steps a try. Your steps do make good sense.


                    To be clear when you instruct "marquee drag" you are referring to lasso? I am on Windows so I think my command would be Cntrl and Alt?


                    I will show all layers next time I post a question.

                    Thanks again


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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      yes, lasso is another term for it.


                      Alt/Option meand the Alt key on Windows  and the Option Key on a Mac. Cmnd/Ctrl meand the Command key on the Mac and the Ctrl key on Windows. It used to be the standard way of describing keyboard shortcuts. Most trainers are now only giving you the windows or the mac keyboard shortcuts. I always give both.

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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        I don't see the audio file you used for timing purposes in the comp on that screen shot.  Is it in the nested comp? 


                        If it is, the animation you timed to it will be late by almost a factor of three compared to the original audio:  you stretched ou tthe comp containing the reference audio by almost a factor of three: a nasty result if you're trying to animate to the beat, for example.

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                          Netcommercial Level 1

                          @Dave I deleted it out of there. Tried your way, with no luck. Still out of time even on export without Mp3 as suggested.

                          Hence you not seeing it in a screen grab.


                          @Rick G Thanks for the clarity. I will give your way a try this afternoon. I think your unpacking and creating a new Sequence is the way to go. Maybe that is why the Mp3 would not sync correct after a T.L Stretch? I will update this post when I get it ironed out. I always hate coming across an article with out the results published. Thanks you guys for hopping in here and helping out.



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                            Dave LaRonde Level 6

                            After this, I'm out of answers: do the frame rates match between AE Template and Premiere?

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                              Netcommercial Level 1


                              I attempted what you suggested... However I am not sure what you meant by

                              Start with the Final or Main comp, with all layers or none of the layers selected press the U key to reveal all keyframes.


                              Final or main Comp?

                              I have a Text Comp and a Scene Comp.

                              Here are the screen grabs for your review if you care to:

                              Yet, I am still wondering after all, I was able to export an AVI (previous stretched version 16sec with Mp3 and text in time while in AE yet out if time after export as Dave instructed with the proper length out 16sec from AE and use in PP albeit the timing/of text and beat is off as mentioned earlier) and To Dave "Yes frame rate matches" It is as though Dave mentions being off a factor of 3... Which I am not sure what a factor of 3 is...it is off a factor as that is the reason for this post. (Not to be a S/A)

                              Screen Shots


                              Top Two are a Top and Bottom shot as they were to tall to catch on one shot..


                              text area ottom half.PNG


                              Final Render screen shot of the 720 it comes with

                              finalrendertab 1080RG.PNG

                              Final Render Screen shot of the 1080 it comes with


                              I am trying to understand how these work? They will show

                              updates to edits but are not adjustable to their settings like the

                              Scene and Text comps?


                              Scene Tab:


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                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I see you have the keyframes exposed for the layers. Here's what you need to do.

                                1. Change the length of your Scene comp and your Text comp to 16 seconds.
                                2. Adjust the out point of all your jpg layers. Make them 16 seconds by going to the end of the comp and pressing Alt/Option + }
                                3. Reveal all keyframes in all comps (press the u key with the timeline selected)
                                4. Lasso the keyframe so they are all yellow.
                                5. Hold down the Alt/Option key while you click on the farthest right keyframe and drag to the new position.
                                6. Check the timing.

                                If everything is OK then render. If not, adjust the timing of the keyframes. They need to be about the same relative position that they are in in the shorter original composition.

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                                  Netcommercial Level 1

                                  Hi Rick,

                                  Thanks for looking back in...


                                  I did as you instructed.  I used my Alt and Bracket key to snap my Jpg's to the end.

                                  I used my mouse click to "lasso" my Keyframes.  But if you noticed the keyframes in

                                  the scene tab are all to the LEFT where as there are none to the Right In the Scene Tab

                                  Only are there a couple of keyframes to the RIGHT and those are in the Text side or tab


                                  Now here is the funny thing...

                                  I use my Mp3 to time my text under the text tab Head over to the Scene tab where that

                                  mp3 is now slowed down and goes from an upbeat tempo from the text side to a slow

                                  version of it like "smoke on the water" Deep Purple. on the Scene side.

                                  I stripped out the Mp3 on the text side and then installed the Mp3 on the Scene side

                                  the music tempo is correct yet still outta sync to what I had timed it to on the text side/tab


                                  Your stepst to stretching the comp is superb! Yet, I am still wrestling with an outta sync

                                  version as described? Maybe I need to add the Mp3 to the Scene side then adjust  my

                                  text to it? Not sure if the Mp3 will be audiable parked on the scene tab and trying to

                                  time it on the text tab??

                                  Thanks for the direction and the steps were useful, yet I am still outta sync over here, along

                                  with those Final Render files of 720 and 1080 that come with the premade template are

                                  still not jibing with my edits....

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                                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    The easiest way to get things in sync with an audio track is to put markers on the audio track where the beats are. You can do this by selecting the audio track and then pressing the period key on the numeric keypad to play the audio. The default time for audio preview is set to 30 seconds in preferences but you can change it.


                                    As the audio is playing press the * key on the numeric keypad to set markers at each beat. Check the position of the markers and then adjust the keyframes or cuts to match.


                                    One more suggestion. I'd open up your MP3's in Audition or any thing that will open them up and convert them to 48 KHZ 16 bit Stereo WAV files. AE,  actually nothing having to do with audio editing or rendering, likes to have MP3's as a source file.

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                                      Netcommercial Level 1

                                      Ok maybe it is the Mp3 as Dave had suggested I will convert Mp3 to Wav file... I had made some screen shots of the comp I converted that Template to. It is the funniest thing.

                                      I add the music (mp3) to the text side time it right on... Head over to the scene tab and the music is slowed to 30% of original. I tried adding the music to the Scene side and removing

                                      from the text side. (Which you cannot time text to that way)  I get the same as if I had exported the AE file and imported inot PP then add the Mp3 it is outta sync a few steps...

                                      Mp3 are like Jpg in editing PNg and wav files eh?

                                      Here are my screen shots of the comp I am doing. I still could not get the Final Render file to cooperate. The length is right the file only renders to 7 seconds and the repeats?


                                      Pretty frustrated....Yes, thank you for the 'time it' with the asterick * key that is what I am doing over here... The  time is dead on with the text tab, just won't stick on the scene side...Maybe it is as Dave mentioned Mp3's are no bueno on the edit.... Will report back if I get it handled.



                                      mycomp1080Final Render.PNG



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                                        Netcommercial Level 1

                                        Nope same deal with a Wav file BTW.....

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                                          Netcommercial Level 1

                                          So after further review...I found a discrepency between tabs and their times. They are off. I am trying to time it from the Scene and wav file at correct speed and switching back to text editor to move Keyframes. Like trying to read manual in the living room and going in the garage to rebuild a transmission. LOL!  Check outthe screen grabs. Does not explain the music being slowed way down to smoke on the water timing from a chase scene tempo... Never the less. It does show the timing there abouts of the text flyin late to the beat of a properly sync tempo. Furthermore the Final Renders are non compliant as shown in the screen grabs in the post above this one.


                                          Here are the two screen grabs showing the Play head off about a second and a half.


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                                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            This is a case where you're going to have to reveal the keyframes and make manual adjustments to the beat of the audio.

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                                              Netcommercial Level 1

                                              I just did it...heading over to see if the AVI is OK for PP with no Audio. TO add in PP. Do you have any idea why the time is off between tabs of scene and text? As it moved down the timeline it got progressively worse....

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                                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Upload your project somewhere and I'll take a look but I think it's nothing more than a timing issue with the new audio track. I can't tell from the screehsnots because I don't know what layers are cut in where and I don't see many keyframes.

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                                                  Netcommercial Level 1


                                                  Kind of you to offer. Thank you just the same. I was able to time it going back n forth between the Scene file where the WAV file was set. Then stop it where I wanted text to enter, then move keyframes in the text area to Play head I had stopped over on the Scene tab.

                                                  Still cannot figure why my time indicators are off by 2 seconds...

                                                  The play heads that is... Along with never being able to get my Final Render files to jibe...they never played past 10 seconds before replaying from start.

                                                  That is a Broadcast Intro BTW....I am on my laptop now so I do not recall who produced it ATM.. If you are curious to this one of the timing heads I can still upload to my server so you can download to mess with it.

                                                  Yes there are minimal Keyframes on the Scene Comp/Tab Most of the keyframes are on the Text with this one. The picture shows all keyframes.

                                                  Thanks again and regards


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                                                    Netcommercial Level 1

                                                    I just got an email from Zach over at VideoBlocks where this was created. Great service IT is not just me, or us who cannot figure why the longer (duration) comp is a challenge


                                                    "Just to clarify - are you trying to change the speed of the project, or just change its duration? Changing the length of a composition is easy, but changing the length of a template can be hard - compositions are embedded within one another, and the lengths of all of them have to be changed in order for the proper adjustments to be made.


                                                    Easy version- To change the duration of a composition, highlight a composition in the Project window and choose Composition > Composition Settings. Then edit the timecode in the "Duration" box.  Do this for the final render comp first.

                                                    In the timeline, you will then see which layers/compositions also need to be adjusted to a new length, in order to fit the final render comp. "

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                                                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      That was my first recommendation. Open up the final comp and change the duration then open up each nested comp and adjust them. With a complex template this could mean changing 10 or more compositions. Even with your screenshots I'm not sure how many compositions there are in this project. A simple flow chart of the final comp with everything expanded will tell you what needs to be changed.

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                                                        Netcommercial Level 1

                                                        Hi Rick thanks for following up. I marked your Answer correct. Which it is, to change the duration of the comp. Maybe that is why the timing was off with the music? There may have been a track not snapped to length rather it was being stretched.


                                                        I am a little foggy on the compositions and nesting terms. I posted all comps came with that template. 2 final Renders which you refer to as a final Comp. 2 other Comps, one a Text comp, the other a Graphics comp or Scene Comp as it is labeled. I am not understanding a flow chart?


                                                        I have all comps expanded. There were only 2 jpgs that needed to be snapped to length using the command ALT and the } (bracket key) The rest were stretchable via a click and drag out.... I am unclear and unanswered why my Final Comp would stop at 10 seconds and never went the 16. The only thing I can think of is the FACT I did not adjust the Final Render or Final Comp as you refer to it FIRST.  Or why my play head was off by almost two seconds between comps when clicking back in forth? Could be the way I stretched it out of order....?


                                                        Thanks again to both of you for hopping in here and sharing your thought out responses. Appreciated and passed on.

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                                                          Netcommercial Level 1

                                                          Looking to stretch a premade template for AE? Here are the steps from C.S over at Video Blocks. Note the placement of the Mp3 and the steps to which file is stretched first. WANTED to share this for others having the same challenge and found this post.


                                                          Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have the solution, and I'm going to have you clear everything and start over. But please be aware of these things before we go any further:

                                                          1. The ONLY place your mp3 file should be is in the Final Render composition. (Whichever one you are using - I'm assuming you're using the "Final Render 1080 HD" comp. Place the mp3 file there.) If you place the music anywhere else, it will become distorted.

                                                          2. The location of the playhead on different timelines does not matter. They are not connected in any way. Each timeline is separate, and each playhead only affects its own timeline.

                                                          3. This template is created using hundreds of individual images. Because of this, the project may appear slightly choppy when you extend its length to 16 seconds.

                                                          Here's how to do it:

                                                          1. In the Project window, highlight "Final Render 1080 HD" and select Composition > Composition Settings from the menu bar. Change the duration to 16 seconds.

                                                          2. Highlight "Final Render 720 HD" and do the same thing.

                                                          3. Open the "Final Render 1080 HD" composition on the timeline. Take the handle of the thin gray bar at the top of the timeline (above the timecode numbers) and drag it to expand the timeline, so that you can see all 16 seconds. Now grab the layer and drag it all the way to the end of the timeline, so that it is now 16 seconds long.

                                                          4. Place your music file in the timeline. Don't worry that nothing is lined up yet, just get the music where it needs to be.

                                                          5. Open the "Final Render 720 HD" composition on the timeline. There are four layers in this composition.

                                                          6. Right-click on the "CC" layer and choose Time > Time Stretch. Enter the new duration as 16 seconds.

                                                          7. Repeat step 6 for both of the "Scene 160...jpg" layers. If you go back to the Final Hd comp, you'll notice that the animation now takes up the entire 16 seconds. All that's left now is to change the text.

                                                          8. Find the "Edit Your Text Here" composition in the Project window, highlight it, and choose Composition > Composition Settings from the menu bar. Change the duration to 16 seconds.

                                                          9. Open "Edit Your Text Here" on the timeline. Highlight all of the layers and drag them all out to 16 seconds.

                                                          10. Open "Final Render 720 HD" on the timeline. Drag the "Edit Your Text Here" layer out to 16 seconds.

                                                          11. Now all that's left to do is adjust the timing of the text so that it matches the music. We will do this in the "Final Render 720 HD" timeline. All you need to do is drag the "Edit Your Text Here" layer (just click and hold right in the middle of the layer) until the text animation and the music are in sync.

                                                          I hope this allows you to successfully edit the template.